REPORT from Texas County, New Irvwick Nouveau — formerly know as Kent County NB/Signigtog District

December 13, 2013:
They are throwing EVERYTHING they have at us. And still many of us are brave enough to say out loud: We won’t give up until you give up threatening us with fracking…

We must remain strong and united and brave, to honour ALL of US who are experiencing these state-enforced terror tactics:

  • Several good men, most or all of them Mi’kmaq Warriors, are incarcerated as I write this. …I am almost 100% sure that these men have no access to the Aboriginal Court Services that all Aboriginal persons in Canada are entitled to, under federal policy [see:
  • A hundred or so arrests — many still facing charges, many under conditions that restrict their rights to defend their home, many now too frightened to stand up and protest…
  • Countless hundreds deeply traumatized to see the RCMP turn on US, especially the Mi’kmaq and other First Nation allies.
  • 15 or more people stuck in two SWN “SLAPP” lawsuits, as SWN seeks financial recompense for the costs of their delays in their work program.
  • 3 or more incidents where SWN or RCMP vehicles hit community members, and none of them “witnessed” by RCMP apparently, despite there very often being more police than community members… Also, bruises, cuts and other injuries during police actions…
  • Ambulances and fire trucks restricted by RCMP from accessing the protest sites in Brownsyard and on Route 134…
  • The real possibility of agent provocateurs being sent here to set equipment on fire — because I know for sure that none of my friends did that stuff, and also the “warriors” (who are being scapegoated for so much by mainstream justice and media) were all arrested long before the vehicles burned on Oct 17th.
  • The RCMP serving notice that more arrests are coming (notice served via the Irving-controlled media). Two more arrests already happened last week, both apparently for violations of conditions to stay away from the ongoing protests. This is how the justice system ties people up… it is as deliberate a tactic to chill leaders and the general public as the SLAPP suit…

It would be easy to give into fear or even paranoia. SO MANY of Us are saying “will I be next? or will ___ be next?” Perhaps EACH ONE of us is thinking: “will I be next?” Can I or you or we be charged with nuisance or mischlef just to tangle us up in conditions – for thinking things? or for standing next to the wrong person? or speaking up about something wrong? …well now, as FDR said in 1932:

“This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance…”

Media front:

  • Miles Howes (intrepid reporter from Halifax Media Co-op) repeatedly harassed for his outstanding investigative journalism, in which he editorializes for the 99%. The state terror forces are still trying to find a way to pin the summer SWN rig fire on Miles, and have kept his phone and camera last time he was hauled in to the cop shop.
  • The CBC (Jennifer Choi or her cameraman or both) was told they were covered by the injunction, and had to stay away from SWN equipment, making reporting darn difficult.
  • The major NB print media almost all owned by the second richest family in Canada, constantly editorializing from their 1% perspective.

These violations and state terror excesses seem absolutely overwhelming. But somewhere in all of this is THE ANSWER, the ultimate way to win this one. People have been talking about a class legal action, an idea that is sounding really good to me.

IS IT TIME for a mass grassroots All Peoples’ collective legal action?

  • for our human rights (all of them!)
  • for recognition and enforcement of the Peace and Friendship Treaty law
  • to protect our water and communities and bioregion
  • to register complaints and address the abuses and violations many of us experienced
  • show the government(s) that we are their bosses, not the other way around

I know there must be a way to put all that stuff in a pot and set it to boil! We just need to get together and sort out the legal avenue(s) . We can’t keep reacting, we have to pro-act…

First main problem is finding the law team to do this. Almost all the really good legal help in NB seems to either working for “The Man” — or too scared to stand up for The People, ’cause they want to work for The Man. Sad to say but that’s what I see, and I have had a front row seat on looking for lawyers for defence purposes. I have had LITERALLY dozens offer to help me “with advice” (sometimes hiding anonymously behind other people who contact me), but none willing to just come out from the shadows… Time for some brave ones to step forward!

We won’t give up until you give up threatening us with fracking… We are against extreme deep shale mining here in the Signigtog District of Mi’kmak’i, en L’Acadie, in Kent County NB —– and together, united with our Neighbours, we are standing up for the water and land and environment and sustainable livelihoods and public health and our communities.

We ARE in Unity for Future Generations. Nogemag.

Granny Annie (aka Ann Pohl)

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