Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking for a Meeting to Discuss Coastal Life & Ocean Protection

Kent County NB Chapter, Council of Canadians

February 16, 2017

The Right Honourable, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 
House of Commons 
Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Following on your commitment to be accessible to grassroots Canadians, we are writing to ask for a face-to-face meeting with you. The topics of conversation for this meeting are generally summed up in the attached [linked] document, A Call Out to Mobilize for Coastal Life and Ocean Protection.

You can see by the also attached information regarding our petition Honour the Fundy’s Dead Herring that many thousands of Canadians join us in these concerns. As well, many more thousands of people around the world share these concerns, so Canada’s reputation as an environmentally conscious nation is at stake. Under separate cover, I am sending you the signatories to this petition.

The Mobilize document was prepared for our sister Council of Canadians chapters. We asked them to join us in a grassroots campaign to seek dialogue with you, concerning our mutual goal of improved policies and programs for coastal life and ocean protection.

Prime Minister Trudeau, as a first step we are asking you to meet with our representatives. You will note at the conclusion of this letter that 24 other chapters of the Council of Canadians are in support of our request.

Why do we ask to meet with you?

  1. A letter regarding the issues in this petition was sent, on January 3, 2017, to yourself, Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc, and the Premiers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We have not received any response to the issues raised in that letter.

  2. For Maritimes’ Council of Canadians chapters, these issues are very urgent. For example, many of us approach the time of the Herring’s Spring Run in the uppermost Bay of Fundy with some dread, fearing a repeat of the events of November/16 to January/17. For more on the herring die-off issues, please see this link from December 2016 and this one from January 2017.

  3. As Prime Minister of Canada, you are the one ultimately responsible for stewardship of our land and waters. It is on your shoulders that the fiduciary duty of care for future generations rests.

The petition closes today. We are notifying all signatories to the petition about our request for a meeting with you. We are certain a report on what is discussed in our meeting will be eagerly anticipated by the more than 70,000 people who signed the petition.

We agree with you that your government must be:

  • transparent and accountable to the electorate;

  • accessible to all people in Canada regardless of geography, culture or socioeconomic class;

  • a responsible world citizen on environmental issues at this crucial time in human history.

We, the undersigned, hope you will agree to meeting with our Council of Canadians’ community representatives at your earliest possible convenience.

Respectfully yours,

Ann Pohl,  Council of Canadians – Kent County NB Chapter


  • Ken Kavanagh, Council of Canadians – St. John’s NL Chapter
  • Anne Levesque, Council of CanadiansInverness County NS Chapter
  • Marion Moore, Council of CanadiansSouth Shore NS Chapter
  • Betty Wilcox, Council of CanadiansPEI Chapter
  • Barbara Quigley, Council of CanadiansMoncton NB Chapter
  • Garry Guild, Council of Canadians – Fredericton NB Chapter
  • Abdul Pirani, Council of Canadians – Montreal PQ Chapter 
  • Phil Soublière, Council of Canadians – Ottawa ON Chapter
  • Diane Ballantyne, Council of Canadians – Centre Wellington ON Chapter 
  • Lynne Rochon, Council of Canadians – Quinte ON Chapter 
  • Roy Brady, Council of Canadians – Peterborough and Kawarthas Chapter 
  • Hart Jannson, Council of Canadians – Halton ON Chapter 
  • Fiona McMurran,Council of Canadians South Niagara ON Chapter 
  • Lin Grist, Council of Canadians Guelph ON Chapter 
  • David Lubell, Council of Canadians Kitchener-Waterloo ON Chapter 
  • Doug Hayes, Council of Canadians Windsor-Essex ON Chapter 
  • Faye MacFarlane, Council of Canadians Northumberland ON Chapter
  • Terri MacKinnon, Council of Canadians Sudbury ON Chapter 
  • Mary Robinson, Council of Canadians Winnipeg MB Chapter 
  • Scott Blyth, Council of Canadians Brandon/Westman MB Chapter

  • Elaine Hughes, Council of Canadians Quill Plains SK Chapter
  • Lois Little, Council of Canadians NWT Chapter

  • Suzy Coulter, Council of Canadians – Chilliwack BC Chapter
  • Lynn Armstrong, Council of Canadians – Delta-Richmond BC Chapter
  • Barbara Pollock, Council of Canadians – Victoria/Halton BC Chapter
  • Donna Cameron, Council of Canadians – Cowichan Valley BC Chapter  
  • Alice de Wolff, Council of Canadians – Comox Valley BC Chapter
  • Patricia Cocksedge, Council of Canadians Powell River BC Chapter
  • Rich Hagensen, Council of Canadians Campbell River BC Chapter

( ^^ This list was updated on February 28th.
Five more chapters were added. More are still considering.)

**UPDATE** On February 21st, we received a communication from the Prime Minister’s office saying our request has been passed on to the appropriate section. Today (Feb 28th) a supplementary communication was sent to the PM with the additional endorsing Chapter names, and a PDF that contains the 72,600+ names of people who signed our petition (mentioned above, now closed). We hope he will agree to meet with us soon.** 

Copies of this letter were sent to co-signing chapters, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Dominic LeBlanc), and to others in the Council of Canadians. Notice of the letter being sent was posted on the petition mentioned above. Now we wait to see what response this will get. Stay tuned. If you want to make sure you stay in touch on this issue, email a request to coc.kent.county.nb@gmail.com to be added to our Salt Waters Protection email list. Wela’liek, Merci and Thank You. Water is Life. 

download-11Water Is Life.

Chi Miigs & credit to Isaac Murdoch for the generous donation
of his artwork to the movement.

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