Human Rights Issues

Here you will see a number of images that show human rights abuses inflicted upon, and relevant to, anti shale gas protesters and earth protectors. There are also some links at the bottom. These all need more explanation than can be provided here at this time. These images and links are only A FEW of the many concerning incidents that must be addressed to preserve the basic human rights of all those concerned about our natural environment for the sake of future generations.


This is a link to the FaceBook page requesting names, places, time and particulars of the arrests resulting from the defense of shale gas exploitation in our area.



two lines

bleeding mouth

firekeeper arrrest

poca pic

filed web size

bleeding protestor - was carrying water -- now arrested

swn security

cops in camo coming into Unity Camp on the 134

another disturbing photo from the beseiged 134 Unity Camp today in Rexton NB</a

who is this man pic 1



one more oct 17

drummers n cops

jason okay

woman on knees in front of police

oct 17th police vs people


another oct 17th

man down

ivan getting pepper-sprayed



Elsipogtog Chief and Councillors

injured by nonlethal ammo

RCMP guarding Thumper


john with rcmp

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