This weblog provides space for communications that speak to power.
It was set up by three human beings who live upriver in the Richibucto River watershed, in the Signigtog District of Mi’kma’ki. This part of Signigtog is also known as Kent County, New Brunswick.

We have been working together on environmental and social issues since 2011. We belong to some of the same groups, but by no means do we agree on everything. We are friends and allies: as parents, grandparents, aunties, uncle, and global citizens, we work locally while thinking globally. Our shared goal is to protect the communities and the beautiful environment around us from the indiscriminate greed of natural resource extraction corporations. All aspects of this environment are crucial for survival, and are increasingly, severely, under threat.

ipcc  : See CBC newstory
Climate change impacts ‘might already be considered dangerous’)

NB provincial governments habitually aid mega-corporations in their pursuit of astronomical profits, instead of protecting our environment, which sustains all life. This has been going on for far too many decades. When these two pair up behind closed doors, the corporations emerge with what they want, or a deal of equal or greater value. For one example, check out this video by Our Intrepid Hero of the Trees, Charles Theriault. In Episode 27 of Is Our Forest Really Ours?, Charles asks NB’s Premier Brian Gallant, how did the JDI Bully get this sweet-sweet-sweet SECRET deal?


For the most part, this weblog carries Ann Pohl’s messages to the New Brunswick government about how government should pull up its socks and do what GOOD government is supposed to do in a democracy. Ann is only able to do this research and writing because of the HUGE amount of incredible support she gets, in so many ways, from Team Jancy (Jim Lane & Nancy Alcox). In turn, Jancy gives Ann all the help she asks for, as best they can, so she can keep researching, writing, organizing, and mobilizing. …In some cases, Team Jancy or Ann also upload information from others, or about others, but that is duly noted.

Although this weblog has the same name as the local environment group the three of us helped start a few years ago, it is entirely independent from that network of allies.


To be clear: the content is written by Ann except where clearly attributed to others. Jancy holds up the sky to make that writing possible, including a lot of technical help. Please do not hold any of our local anti-fracking neighbours and allies, nor our Idle No More Mi’kmaq allies, responsible for the content.
I will attempt to monitor and respond to any comments our readers may leave on this weblog space — simply because of so many volunteer tasks and not enough time, all comments or queries may not receive the diligence due. BUT, we will be delighted also to get your comments and questions through email to Granny Annie at upriverwatch@gmail.com
Thanking you in solidarity, Jancy


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